Welcome to the UK Registry of Canine Behaviourists

The aim of this website is to provide you with information concerning our professional organisation which is made up of members practising throughout Great Britain, and a select number of international members.

We are able to help with many types of dog behaviour and dog training problems you may be experiencing, as our members consist of highly skilled professionals with vast experience and a proven track record in modern, kind dog training methods and the assessment of dog behaviour problems.

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Why Contact One Of Our Members?

There are many people offering all kinds of training and behavioural services, and claiming to be able to retrain an array of undesirable behaviours, or train new ones. But there is currently absolutely NO regulation of behaviourists and trainers – something that our organisation among others is working to address. In the meantime, quite literally anyone can call themselves a behaviourist or trainer and set up in business, often offering advice that is inaccurate at best, and dangerous at worst. And you as the client may not find out just how ineffective they really are until you have already appointed them and paid for their ‘help’.

At the U.K. Registry of Canine Behaviourists, all of our members are signed to our Code of Practice, and our Code of Ethics, which means that they are required to offer a level of work that meets those standards – something that many lone workers cannot offer. And at the end of the day, if you are given advice that is detrimental to either you or your dog, it will not be the trainer that is left with consequences.